About solar(pop)punk

This message board was originally created as a hangout hub for https://techramancer.com/. I've since changed the idea to be a point of community toward bettering the world around you, which includes you as a person. This is where the name of solar(pop)punk derives. Specifically the solar and punk parts of it, as solarpunk is an aesthetic and literary device for a non-dystopian world which humans embrace nature and technology to achieve a better society. This is something that can be accomplished, in my belief, if people begin working together, starting with working with their neighbour, then their neighbourhood, a collection of neighbourhoods, their total community, etc.

Some folx might view that as communist, especially in todays society, but working together is what lead to our society advancing to the social and technological level we're in. Your neighbours shouldn't be your enemy, as they're your community.
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